Palm - biomass pellet machine

How to make biomass pellets from palm

This is our palm pellet production line installed in Malaysia

EFB Pellet Production line Technological Process

Palm waste biomass fuel is a kind of biomass fuel made from palm waste by crushing, pressing, drying, extrusion and other technical means

The production process is as follows:

  1. The palm oil plant collects the lower corner material of the peeled fruit stalk
  2. Transfer to extruder (extrusion moisture and residual oil of fruit stalk)
  3. Conveying to crusher for crushing
  4. Input dryer for drying
  5. After drying, it is transported to the crusher for secondary crushing
  6. Extrusion molding by granulator
  7. Deliver to the cooler for cooling
  8. Transport to the packaging workshop.

Palm Pellet Machine