Wood waste - biomass pellet machine

How The Wood Pellets Are Made?

The wood chips and wood waste can be used to make biomass pellets, the production process is as follows :
1.The wood crusher crushing the big size wood waste into sawdust, and the finished sawdust size about 8 mm ;
2.The wood sawdust moisture content 15% is better for pelleting, If moisture content more than 20%, there have to use the drum dryer for drying;
3.The dried sawdust can enter the pellet machine for pelleting. Our company's 8th generation centrifugal high-efficiency pellet machine is stable and high-yield, and have lower processing cost;
4.The temperature of the pellet coming out of pellets machine is relatively high, so pellets need to enter the pellets cooler for cooling, then screening and packaging.

Biomass pellet from Wood waste

Wood waste, waste template, shelf tray, wooden packing box, waste wood furniture, after crushing and processing widely used in small bamboo plywood factory, wood board factory, biomass plant, mechanism charcoal plant, boiler plant, artificial board factory and power plant in enterprises and self-employed individuals.
Site template, bamboo and other waste at the site after the completion of pile at the site not only occupies the place also pollute the environment, can no longer use building, if developers can put the wood low price to sell recycled wood processing, building template crusher, bamboo plywood mill after processing can be re used in boiler fuel and charcoal processing, plywood manufacturing factory, rather than buy logs cost reduced by 50%, revenue is unchanged, is a good project to increase the use of wood processing factory.

XGJ560 Pellet Machine


XGJ850 Pelelt Machine

※note 1: The stamping stainless steel dispensing system is currently limited to the 7th generation 560 pellet machine.
※note 2: Due to 560 small transmission power, the gear flip structure is currently limited to the 7th generation 850 pellet machine.
Wood waste

Flat die pellet machine

Wood waste

Small pellet machine

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Pellet Making Video

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