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What Influence the Capacity of Pellet Machine

Why are the different capacity of the pellet machine with the same model? With the rapid development of biomass new energy industry, and more and more people are familiar with pellet machine.

Wood hammer mill

Base: It plays the role of connecting and supporting the various parts of the crusher to form a whole. The crushed material is sucked out by the wind on the side of the base. The base of the crusher is raised to ensure that the lower discharge air duct has sufficient ventilation area.

Pellet Machine Pressing All Kinds of Pellets from Different Materials

Most widespread modern wood fuel produced by pressing sawdust or cutting coarse wood waste or wood chips.

The pellet machine is also called a pelletizer

The pellet machine is also […]

Sawdust pellet machine grinding

If you buy a new wood pell […]

What determines the crushing efficiency of wood crusher


The Worldwide Wood Pellet Industry is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 14.47% Between 2019 and 2025

Global wood pellet market […]