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Welcome Greece Customer

welcome Creece customers visit us for centrifugal wood sawdust pellet mill

Welcome Algeria Customer

Welcome Algeria customer visit us, they are interested in ring die pellet mill and animal feed pellet production line.

Welcome Germany customer visit yulong for wood pellet mill

Welcome Germany Customer visit our company, our boss and sales manger receive him.

Welcome France Customer

Welcome France customer come to visit our factory, we have long term business relationship about animal feed pellet mill...

Welcome Poland Customer

Welcome Poland customers come to visit our factory on March 5,2011,During these years,they have ordered many sets ...

welcome Malaysia customer

Welcome Malaysia customers team visit, they are interested in our Centrifugal wood sawdust pellet mill.

Welcome New Zealand Customer Visit

Welcome New Zealand Customer visit our company for wood sawdust pellet mill and other related biomass energy equipment.

Welcome Poland customers

Welcome Poland customers come to visit our factory on May 4,2011. They are interested in our two tons wood pellet production line .