Paking Machine


Description of Packing machine:
BZJ series quantitative packing machine is Mechanical &Electrical Integration high-tech product which is used in the auto quantitative packing process of packaging production line. The entire machine is made up of multi-stage filling apparatus, measuring apparatus and bag-clamping apparatus etc. The ordinary type packing machine is equipped with three-stage pneumatic gate type, gravity filling apparatus, which is suitable for quantitative packing of good fluidity material.( such as rice, white granulated sugars, feed and plastic granules). The other types of packing machine can be matched with screw propulsion feeding, belt transportation feeding or multisensor feeding, in order to satisfy quantitative packing process for different fluidity material.
Work Procedure of Packing Machine
1.Switch on power, in default state, the discharge door will close firstly, after removing the tare, it will start the filling apparatus to fill material.
2.The material goes into measuring hopper continuously. The force load cell will convert the weight of material to corresponding electricity signal, and send this signal to controller. The weight of material will be shown on the window panel of controller. The controller will also output the control signal of each part in turn according to the set parameters, to feed the measuring hopper continuously at the fast, medium and slow speed, which can finish the quantitative feeding accurately.
3.When filling process is over, feeding apparatus will close and discharge door beneath the measuring hopper will open, material will fall into the bag by itself gravity through bag-clamping apparatus. When finishing discharging, the discharge will door close, bag-clamping apparatus will open to unloading bag automatically, one work cycle end, the controller goes into next work cycle automatically. Bag-clamping stroke switch can control action (open or close) of bag-clamping apparatus in order to do manual bagging work. Only the bag-clamping apparatus is in close state can the controller send out filling signal.

Ton Scale

Simple DBC20-50package

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