Peanut shell pelletizer commissioning video - biomass pellet machine

Peanut shell pelletizer commissioning video

The peanut shell pellet fuel raw materials are dried and crushed, and then compressed into a new technology of various shaped fuels with a certain shape and high density. Its products are various shaped fuels such as rods, blocks and pellets, with a density of 0.8-1.4 g/cm3 and a calorific value of about 16,720 kJ/kg. Its performance is better than wood, equivalent to medium-quality bituminous coal, can be burned directly, and the combustion characteristics are significantly improved; at the same time, it has less black smoke, strong firepower, full combustion, no fly ash, clean and hygienic, and very small amounts of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. It has advantages such as easy transportation and storage, and becomes a commodity. It can replace coal in the boiler to directly burn for power generation or heating, and it can also be used to solve the basic living energy problem in rural areas. The advantage of peanut shell pellet fuel is that it makes full use of biomass energy to replace coal, reduces carbon dioxide and sulfur emissions, is conducive to environmental protection and controls greenhouse gas emissions, slows climate deterioration, and reduces the occurrence of natural disasters.