Biomass Pellet Burner

1.Biomass pellet burner is wildly used in various industries such as boiler, casting machine,industrial stove,smelting furnace,kitchen equipment,drying equipiment ,food drying equipment,ironing equipment , lacquer equipment,Road building machinery equipment,Industrial annealing furnace,asphalt heating equipment .
2.Biomass pellet burner adopts biomass pellet as fuel,YULONG brand burner is more wildly used and has lower requirement for fuel quality. Working Performance use biomass pellet as fuel burning efficiency is larger than 95%,Boiling type half gasification combustion and tangent of swirling air distribution design, makes fuel fully burned .
3.Fully burned and burning stable. In micropressure situation not happen tempering and flamelifting phenomenon heating load can be wildly adjusted, can quickly adjust between 30%-130% of rated load,Initiate Block reaction is sensitive no pollution and high efficient environmental protection, burn reproducible biomass fuel,Realize the sustainable use of energy. It adopts low temperature section burning technolgoy, the nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide ,dust etc in smoke are low, which is the best substitute for coal stove etc
4.Easy operating,convenient Maintenance, automatical feeding, automatical discharging,automatical igniting, automatical control temperature ,automatical 24 working hours without unattended substation.
5.low invest, low working cost ,wide belt burning with frequency conversion, more fit for user requirement and can change burning type ,controling as per their requirement.
ModelCalorific value(Kcal/h)Boiler tonnage(t)Output power(MW)Fuel consumption(kg/h)Outlet diameter(mm)Size(mm)Weight(t)Matched power(kw)

Biomass Boiler

ModelRated heating rate(mw)Heating area(㎡)Fuel consumption(kg/h)Size(m)
CLH S-M10.0220081.2×0.6×1.3
CLH S-M20.05500151.5×0.6×1.3
CLH S-M30.11000281.65×0.9×1.75
CLH S-M40.22000581.85×1.1×2.1
CLH S-M50.3230001001.31×1.5×2.25
CLH S-M60.550001401.46×1.65×2.75
CLH S-M71.1100002401.86×1.95×2.85
Biomass intelligent boiler with humanized design for the idea, All-weather, automatic temperature control ignition or time control automatic ignition. Automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, comparable with natural gas boiler, suitable for 200 square meters-40000 square meters of heating, are widely used in the community, villas, schools, organizations, businesses, and so on.
This product uses the best way to burn bio-particles: suspended, half gasification and combustion.
Three return heat exchanger reduces exhaust gas temperature, the unique furnace dust, smoke-free combustion, showing environmental protection characteristics.

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