XQJ Rotary Cutter

XQJ rotary cutter is widely used in agricultural farms,as corn stalk, alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw ect.

QSJ Rotary Cutter

The crushing range of rotary cutter is wide,set chipping and crushing sections into one machine.It can cut wood branch and stem with 1-20cm diameter,also can sue for bamboo,grass,corn stalk,sorghum stalk,etc.
It is wideyl used in the crushing process of crop stalk,straw fuel pellets,biomass power generation,and other industrial fields,It is the ideal processing equipments for charcoal factory,straw coal factory,breeding factory.
Product Characteristics:
1. The rotary disk of rotary cutter can be put large quantity of materials, intermittent feeding is possible.
2. There is impede flap in the inner wall of the rotary disk, which can grasp straw bales to rotate. The cutting efficiency is high.
3. The rotary cutter is a blend of cutting and crushing machine. The main material is straw bale in compaction status. Cutting intensity is high.
4. It is no need disassembling to cut bale and actualizes high working efficiency and save labor cost.

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