Sawdust pellet machine grinding - biomass pellet machine

Sawdust pellet machine grinding

If you buy a new wood pellet machine, you have to consider whether it has been broken-in by  wet materials or oil. This is a problem that many people usually ignore. And if missing this step, it is likely to cause the machine block with materials once it is turned on, the holes of mold were blocked, of course, the material will not be discharged. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the process for the wood pellet machine that is bought.

Take some sawdust that will be compressed, and appropriately increase some emery (no emery, yellow sand after sieving) about 30%. During the grinding process, gradually

Add sand, feed from less to more, and press repeatedly. During the pressing process, the current changes of the main motor and the finish of the pellets were continuously observed, and abnormal conditions were found

Stop in time for inspection and rule out.

After grinding for a period of time (about 20 minutes), if the same amount of material is sent to the granulation chamber, the current will be gradually lower than that at the beginning of the grinding, and it will be relatively stable

, The fluctuation range is small, at this time, you can stop the machine and open the operating door to observe the pellets from the die. If the pellets are uniform and reach more than 90%, it is fine.

Mix with about 10% industrial oil, such as ordinary engine oil. Knead the small pieces in the material, mix them thoroughly, put them into the wood pellet machine, and turn on the machine

Press the pellets, then put the pressed pellets back into the wood pellet machine, repeat 5-6 times, and then put in the normal wood pellets, then the pellets can be processed normally