The importance of an excellent pellet machine operator - biomass pellet machine

The importance of an excellent pellet machine operator

The pelletizing system of biomass pellets and pellet feed is an important section in the entire pellet processing process, and the pellet machine is the key equipment in the pelleting system. Whether its operation is normal and whether it is properly operated will directly affect the quality and quality of the pellets. Yield.

Due to technical problems in the operation of the pellet machine, some manufacturers will also cause the finished pellets to have uneven surfaces, low hardness, easy breakage, and high powder content, and the output will not meet the expected requirements.

How much output can the famous granulator machine increase? If you are familiar with the operation of the entire granulation system and the maintenance of the granulator, the efficiency of the granulator can be increased by 40%. In addition, the pelleting work is dangerous, and improper operation will threaten its personal safety. Therefore, the pelletizer must be specially trained before taking up the job before they can engage in the pelleting and maintenance of the pellet machine.

Preparations before starting up

Check the schedule of this shift, understand the work record of the previous shift, check the distribution of the pellets to be made in the warehouse, and whether it is consistent with the production plan and the listing signal on the control screen. Then thoroughly clean the cooler, pipes and internal residues of the pellet machine.

According to the type of production, coarsely adjust the cutter of the pellet machine, check or replace the specifications of the grading screen surface, if the crushed material is produced, the gap between the speed and slow rollers of the crusher must be roughly adjusted to produce qualified products.

Check the position of the guiding knife, scraper, pressing roller, ring die, and guiding knife of the pellet machine. If the scraper is severely worn and produce viscous feed, the pellet machine is easy to block. If the pressure roller is severely worn, a small amount of variegated particles will appear.

Start the granulation system

Improper operation of this process will directly affect the output and product quality of the entire production shift. In order to prevent the occurrence of material blocking, start the related equipment in order from back to front according to the process flow.

Start the main motor of the pellet machine, without adding steam, open the bypass door of the pellet machine, and let a little black pellets discharge onto the ground. Then start the conditioner and let the small amount of powder that came out at the beginning to be discharged on the ground to prevent the material from getting damp and jam the pressure roller; then start the feeder slowly, without adding steam, and squeeze out the powder in the ring die with dry powder. The stale materials are arranged side by side on the ground. After the color of the extruded pellets is normal, let the pellets enter the cooler.

Add a small amount of steam while accelerating the feeder to keep the pellet machine at 50% load, slowly feed the material that can be used on the ground into the ring die, and then increase the feeding speed to make the pellet machine run at full load .

Increase the amount of steam, wait for tens of seconds, the current of the main motor of the pellet machine has dropped, and the feeding speed will be increased again to make the pellet machine full again. Then increase the amount of steam, wait for tens of seconds, the main current of the pellet machine will fall again, and repeat it many times until the steam is added, and the main current of the pellet machine does not fall. At this time, it means that the powder moisture has reached the maximum and the pellet machine is fully loaded. . Full load means that the main current of the pellet machine reaches 90% of the rated current.

Open the manual feeding door of the pellet machine and grab the tempered powder with your hands. It feels hot, and then loosen it. The material becomes a mass. After lightly pressing it, it will naturally disperse. If the material is too viscous, it should be reduced. The amount of steam. On the contrary, if the material is too loose, the amount of steam will be increased. Use a spoon to take some freshly made hot material from the discharge tube of the pellet machine, and squeeze it between the thumb and the index finger, so that it can be flattened and not loosened.

Observe the current meter of the pellet machine. If the pointer of the current meter no longer swings from side to side by a large margin, it indicates that the entire pelletizing system is in the best stable state.

Production process record

Check the temperature of the pellets; take the pellets for durability test to check the powder content of the finished product; check the gap between the crushing rollers; check whether the return pipe of the centrifugal dust collector and the return pipe of the grading screen are blocked. The above work is carried out every 4h.

Record various production parameters, such as production time, material temperature, durability, powder content, production variety, production tonnage, efficiency, etc. Pay attention to the control screen, coordinate the packaging and granulation, so as to return to the front and rear bags in time, discover all kinds of problems in time, deal with them in time, and reduce losses, such as checking whether the powder content in the material is too high, whether there are small pieces or materials in the material in time Whether the temperature exceeds the standard, etc.

Shutdown steps

When the production is over, the shutdown sequence is opposite to the startup, and the related equipment is shut down in order from front to back according to the process flow.

When the low level indicator of the granulating bin indicates that there is no material, open the manual feeding door of the granulator and observe the material flow at the inlet. When the material flow is significantly reduced, let the cooler manually discharge the material to increase the return material flow rate, so that the material flow rate at the feed inlet of the pellet machine will increase to ensure the pelleting quality. At this moment, pay attention to whether the return machine material pipe is blocked. If the return machine material pipe is blocked, stop the manual discharging of the cooler and open the machine material. If the return machine material pipe is not blocked, wait to observe the feeding situation of the material inlet.

After opening the material in the return pipe, wait a few minutes, and then put the material in the cooler, so that there is very little return material in the return pipe, which can reduce the pollution to the next production.

Stop the steam supply and stop the discharging of the cooler, turn off the feeder and conditioner, then clean the ring die and turn off the main motor of the pellet machine. Check the granulation system process: check the cooler, crusher, hoist, return pipe, centrifugal separator, grading screen, etc. for accumulation of material. Finally, turn off the main power supply of the granulating system and do a good job of cleaning up.

The importance of an excellent pellet machine operator
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