The pellet machine is also called a pelletizer

The pellet machine is also called a pelletizer. There are two widely used modes: flat die pellet machines and ring die pellet machine.

The following briefly introduces the types of pellet machine and its working principle

1. Flat die pellet machine and its working principle. Its main components are a flat round steel mold and a set of (2-4) freely rotatable grooves rollers. The raw materials falling into the gap between the rollers and being pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller, the long cylindrical object is extruded from below the die hole and is cut into pellets. There are three driving methods: drive roller, drive flat mold, and both drive.

The flat die pellet machine features simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost, and is suitable for pressing fibrous raw materials. The inner diameter and outer diameter of the flat mold linear speed (circumferential speed degrees) are not equal, because the raw materials on the mold are subjected to different centrifugal forces, making the load on the working surface uneven, so the diameter of the flat die cannot be too large, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the finished product.

2. Ring die pellet machine and its working principle. Its mold is a porous cylinder, which rotates through a drive. There are 2-4 grooves in the cylinder free spin or from self-rotating scroll wheel. The raw materials enter the steel mold, that is, they are pressed into the workshop by the rotating roller, embedded in the die hole, and extruded from the outer wall of the steel mold cut into cylindrical particles by a knife.

The main point of the machine is: on the ring die and the pressure roller, the linear speed is equal everywhere. There is no additional friction, so some pressure is used for granulation, so the efficiency is high.