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What Influence the Capacity of Pellet Machine

Why are the different capacity of the pellet machine with the same model? With the rapid development of biomass new energy industry, and more and more people are familiar with pellet machine.

There are also many people who judge the situation and seize the opportunity of this industry to engage in the production of biomass pellets. Of course, the quality and standards of the wood pellet machine produced by different manufacturers are different. Often when many customers bring materials to the manufacturer, the capacity is very high, but the capacity will be too low if the equipment is bought back and produced by yourself. So the problem is that the same equipment with uneven output. Why?

1. The grinding of the new mold of the pellet machine is very important. The new ring-die has a certain running-in period and needs to be ground with oil. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of sawdust should be controlled between 10-15%. Adjust the gap between the roller and the ring-die to make it reach a good condition. After adjusting the roller, the fixing bolt must be tightened.

2. The size and moisture content of the materials. The pellet machine can realize the uniform discharge of the material size must be smaller than the diameter of the pellet, the pellet diameter is 6-8 mm, the material size must be smaller than it, and the moisture of the raw material must be between 10-15%. Excessive or small moisture will affect the output of pellets.

3. Choose the appropriate compression ratio of the Ring-die. Different materials correspond to the compression ratio of different dies. The compression ratio can be determined when the manufacturer tests the machine. The key issue is that you should not easily replace the material after you buy the equipment. If the material is changed, the compression ratio will change, and the corresponding ring-dies must be changed. The discharging material is sometimes discharged, sometimes not, which may be related to the aging degree of the pellet machine dies, which requires timely replacement of suitable ring-die. Different ring-die have different life. Take the model 560 pellet machine as an example, the life of the die is about 1000 hours.

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