ModelPower(kw)Corn Capacity(t/h)Fiber Capacity(t/h)
GXP65×5537,55Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ5mm 1-1.5,1-2
GXP75×5555Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ5mm 1-1.5
GXP75×7575,90Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ5mm 2-3,3-4
GXP75×10090,110Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ5mm 4-5,5-6
GXP75×120132,160Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ5mm 6-7,7-8
GXP75×150160,200Suitable for wheat straw and other fiber raw materials5-7
The motor and rotor of this series hammer mill installed on the same base. They are directly connected by coupling. The rotor has been checked by dynamic balance test can rotate in both of forward backward direction.
There are symmetrical operation door and safety interlock in both side. The operation doors are helpful to renewal thieve plate and hammers, also helpful for checking up and debugging. Feed inlet is placed in the top of crusher which can be matched with all kind of feed equipment.
There is one piece of sieve plate installed at the bottom of wood hammer mill. The size of crushed material could be changed by changing different sieve plate with different hole. Normally, the finished size is from 2mm to 30mm adjustable.
Spare parts of hammers and sieve plate are made by our CNC system, through high technical heat treatment.
This series hammer mill has reasonable structure, sturdy and durable using, safety and dependable, simple installation, easy operation, tiny vibrating, high efficiency etc. advantages, which is the most ideal grinding equipment of all kinds of wood chips, wood shavings, grass, straw, stalk, corn, weeds, soybean, PVC foaming board, rubber and so on.

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