Wood hammer mill - biomass pellet machine

Main structure and working process Wood hammer mill

(1) Main structure (see Figure 1)

(1) Base: It plays the role of connecting and supporting the various parts of the crusher to form a whole. The crushed material is sucked out by the wind on the side of the base. The base of the crusher is raised to ensure that the lower discharge air duct has sufficient ventilation area.

(2) Rotor: It is composed of main shaft, hammer frame plate, pin shaft, hammer piece, bearing and other parts. It is the main moving part of the crusher. The rotor speed is high, and the dynamic balance inspection is carried out without installing the pin shaft and the hammer after assembly.

(3) Inspection door: The inspection door must be opened when replacing the sieve plate or hammer. The sieve plate is compressed by a special pressing mechanism. When the grinder is working, the access door is locked by a quick clamp to ensure that the access door cannot be opened when the rotor is rotating.

(4) Upper shell: the upper part has a feed inlet, the lower part is connected with the base, and the two sides are equipped with sieve plates respectively, and the rotor forms a crushing chamber. The material is crushed in the crushing chamber. (2) The material that needs to be crushed during the working process enters the crushing chamber from the top inlet through the feeding mechanism matched with the machine. The material is gradually crushed under the action of the high-speed rotating hammer and the friction of the sieve plate. Under the action of airflow, it passes through the screen hole and is sucked out by the side of the base by windRotation direction of grinder rotor.

The rotation direction of the main shaft of the crusher is determined according to the feeding direction.

The direction of rotation of the main shaft is consistent with the direction of material flow, Figure 2

It is a schematic diagram of matching the feeding direction and the rotation direction of the spindle. The rotor of the grinder can be reversed.

How to open the access door of the crusher

Loosen the fixing fixture of the inspection door, grasp the handle of the inspection door and open it to a certain angle to ensure that the inspection door is heavy.

The center point falls on the slide, and then push the access door to the motor side to move it to the position shown in the figure (make sure to disassemble the screen

The net is not in the way), and then place the access door toward the motor so that it is carried on the base.