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Peanut shell pelletizer commissioning video


Five advantages of peanut shells as a raw material for pellet fuel

1. Appearance. The appearance of peanut shell pellet fuel is cylindrical, the surface is glossy, slightly lustrous, density﹥1, colour grayish yellow, outside diameter 6-9 mm, length […]

How to solve the cracks and more powder in the sawdust pellets

Sawdust pellets, also known as biomass pellet fuel, are mainly made from agricultural wastes such as wood, grains, peanut hulls, alfalfa, corn hulls, cottonseed hulls, and […]

Coffe to pellets plant

About Coffee Pellets With an ever-increasing call for sustainable alternatives to carbon-heavy fuels and the need to reduce reliance on virgin timber or imported pellets, Biomass […]