Coffe to pellets plant - biomass pellet machine

Coffe to pellets plant

About Coffee Pellets

With an ever-increasing call for sustainable alternatives to carbon-heavy fuels and the need to reduce reliance on virgin timber or imported pellets, Biomass pellets made from recycled waste coffee grounds offer the perfect solution.

Coffee pellets exploit the high calorific value of coffee, boasting a net calorific value ≥15% higher than standard timber pellets. They feature consistently low moisture content, high bulk density, a high ash melting point and good durability making them a high-performing alternative. Their efficient burn profile saves businesses money, requiring reduced volume and therefore fewer deliveries to achieve the same energy output as wood pellets.

Cooffee pellets plant

  • The coffee grounds can be granulated with a pellet machine when the moisture content of coffee grounds is about 15%;
  • According to the requirements of output, you can choose flat die pellet machine or ring die pellet machine;
  • The temperature of the coffee particles is very high and needs to be cooled by a cooler;
  • The cooled coffee particles are ready for packaging.

Note: The construction of the coffee pellet factory should consider the storage of raw materials and finished product warehouses to prevent fire risks. There are not many equipment used in the granulating production line. The granulating equipment adopts our new XGJ560 model biomass pellet machine to obtain better granulating effects.

Coffe to pellets plant
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